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Stacko provides the following enhances to,,, and

Preference settings:

To adjust your stacko preferences, click the "Prefs" button in the lower-right corner of the page. Or, on the Greasemonkey menu in the status bar: right-click -> User Script Commands -> Stacko Preferences.

Preference Name Default Description
addSisterNav true Adds navigation links to the various Stack Overflow sister-sites. They will take to the corresponding page on the alternate site. -- Beyond just jumping between sites, this feature lets you quickly compare content areas across the sites: Tags, Badges, Users, FAQs, etc.
addRevisionsLinks true Add a "revisions" link to each question and answer. This appears along side the standard links, eg: link | edit | offensive | revisions
blockAds false Block Advertising.
nextAccessKey N Add accesskey to pages having a [Next] link.
norepMarkerColor mistyrose Highlight the voting control on Community Wiki posts. This applies indenpendently to each Question/Answer on the page that is marked as Community Wiki.
Prefs Button
prefsMenuVisible true Determines if the [Prefs] button will be visible on the screen.
prefsMenuPosition BR Determines in which corner of the screen the Prefs menu button appears. Valid values are:
  • TL : Top-left corner
  • TR : Top-right corner
  • BL : Bottom-left corner
  • BR : Bottom-right corner
prefsMenuAccessKey P Specifies a keyboard shortcut for clicking the [Prefs] menu button, (e.g., Alt-Shift-P).
loggerLevel WARN Set the script logging level.

These settings can also be accessed directly via the Mozilla config page, by selecting Help -> About:? -> about:config. To constrain this list to stacko preferences only, type: "stacko." into the Filter field. The preference names have the greasemonkey-determined prefix: "greasemonkey.scriptvals."):